Lameness in Horses

  Probably the most common cause of acute lameness in horses, hoof abscesses can appear without warning. One day your horse is sound, the next she’s crippled, but there’s no apparent injury. The likely cause is a hoof abscess, a pimple-like infection. Abscesses are most often caused by the entrance of bacteria into the hoof … More Lameness in Horses

Do cats mourn?

I am often asked, do cats mourn?  It is difficult to assess those mournful eyes since our feline friends an astute pet parent can interpret their pets’ emotions based on their behavior.   Despite cats often being aloof, they are social animals that form attachments to two and four-legged family members.  The do indeed mourn. What are the … More Do cats mourn?

Parvovirus in Dogs

Parvo, or canine parvovirus (CPV) infection is a relatively new disease that was appreciated in dogs in the 1970’s. The disease is often rapidly spread and has great severity, thus causing great cause for concern among pet owners. The canine parvovirus is very similar to the Feline Panleukopenia (feline distemper), and thought to be a mutation … More Parvovirus in Dogs

Preventing Disease Spread During Show Season

Spring time means the start of show season.  Truly and exciting time.   It is very important to follow some basic biosecurity rules to decrease  the spread of disease.   Some recommendations to follow Be sure your horse is current on his/her vaccinations.   It is strongly encouraged that all vaccinations be given 3-4 week … More Preventing Disease Spread During Show Season

Lymphoma in Dogs

Animals experience many of the same diseases that humans are diagnosed with, and quite often the treatments are exactly the same. This past month I have had a number of those experiences. While considering what to write about, I also noted that November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month. Given this patient’s unique experience I thought … More Lymphoma in Dogs

Fear in Horses

Does your horse suffer from fear or anxiety?  Are they not a fan of seeing their veterinarian, ferrier or otherwise? A couple weeks ago a client had called me to tell me that her horse had a negative experience with another horse as they were out on a trail ride.  After the event her horse … More Fear in Horses