Pet Obesity

Is your pet overweight? You might be surprised by the answer. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 58 percent of cats and 54 percent of dogs in the United States are overweight. Many pet parents think their furry friend’s weight is normal when their pet is actually overweight. The association calls this a … More Pet Obesity

Equine Nutrition

As the temperature cools and the pastures wane, adjustments to your horse’s nutritional regimen need to be put in place. As with any changes to your horse’s feed, exercise regimen or management, changes should be implemented gradually to minimize the risk of complications and upset to your horse’s system. If your horse has been on … More Equine Nutrition

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is one of those beneficial items that pet parents have traditionally been able to do without. But as veterinary medicine becomes more sophisticated and available procedures and treatments carry the higher costs to correspond with the knowledge, materials, and expertise necessary to be able to administer them, pet insurance is becoming a way … More Pet Insurance

Cattle Vaccinations

Herd health is dependent on a variety of factors, including their facilities, management practices, disease prevalence and herd nutritional levels. One way you can make a positive impact in your herd’s health is through the strategic use of vaccinations. Each operation is unique, and what vaccinations are the right choice for your herd and when … More Cattle Vaccinations

Lameness in Horses

  Probably the most common cause of acute lameness in horses, hoof abscesses can appear without warning. One day your horse is sound, the next she’s crippled, but there’s no apparent injury. The likely cause is a hoof abscess, a pimple-like infection. Abscesses are most often caused by the entrance of bacteria into the hoof … More Lameness in Horses

Do cats mourn?

I am often asked, do cats mourn?  It is difficult to assess those mournful eyes since our feline friends an astute pet parent can interpret their pets’ emotions based on their behavior.   Despite cats often being aloof, they are social animals that form attachments to two and four-legged family members.  The do indeed mourn. What are the … More Do cats mourn?